An Unusual Night!!!

There I was standing on a grass. There was no one as far as I can see, but wait there is something, someone who is coming towards me. The image is becoming more and more clear, her dress was as white as cloud and her hair was as black as dark, she was beautiful, she looked little scared though. It’s like someone is onto her. She was running, now that white dress was troubling her. She was constantly looking behind. I did not help but notice there was no one following her but a cute little puppy. I laughed. All of a sudden she seemed very cute. Without even talking to her I was falling for this girl.

I picked up a puppy and asked her to hold him. I can see fear in her eyes. Oh!!! Her eyes. How can I describe them. Let’s just say when I looked deep into her eyes I lost myself.

She was holding that puppy, now the fear was gone there was only joy in her eyes. She looked more beautiful this way. I was standing there watching her hugging that cute creature. I was so jealous.

Finally I decided to break this ice by saying my name. Her only reply to that was mere “Okay” and she started to walk away, soon she disappeared. “Oh my god!!! What just happened?” I asked to myself. I told her my name and she didn’t even reply properly. I was confused and she was the only person who can help me clear this confusion, but she was long gone.

There was that face I could never forget. I wanted to see her again. I wanted to hold her and never let her go, but I guess somethings are never meant to be. I searched everywhere but there was no sign of her.

The sun was travelling to the west now, birds were going to their nests, I was still standing there hoping that I could see her one more time. My eyes were set on the horizon. It was a time to accept that I lost her may be forever. I heard about the feeling of losing someone but was experiencing it for the first time. It was lot of pain. I started to feel dizzy and suddenly I fainted.

When I got my conscious back, there was lot of noise, I stopped my Alarm. I was lying on my bed, it was just a dream. I smiled and started to get ready. Today was a big day. I had a very important meeting with one of my client and I could not afford to lose my mind over a dream. I reached office early to prepare for the presentation, I was just starting and there was a knock on my cabin followed by the familiar voice. She was asking for me only. She was my client but more importantly she was the girl from my dream. I rushed towards her and I hugged her. This was her turn to get confused, her eyes were wide open. Oh!!! Her eyes, I lost myself again, but this time I was never gonna let her go…..

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