Hush!!! A lot of excitement!!! A day where everyone is planning something for you to make you feel special!!!! It comes every year, it’s the same excitement every year, you celebrate it every year just the difference is the people you celebrate with!!!

This year was awesome!!! “Kisi ki nazar na lage” aise roomies!!! A lot of awesome friends and Cake… 😛 Whenever I see cake, I remember that dialogue from Dil Chhahata hai, “Cake khane ke liye toh hum kahi bhi ja sakate hai…” True story!!!

I had lot of fun celebrating this b’day!!! Special mentions: Prasad, Pawan, Nishant, Varun, Varun, Akshi and Amita… Thank you guys for making my b’day so special. Vivek you sentimental Bastard, the message you wrote, brought tears in my eyes. I missed you like crazy. Of course last but certainly not the least, my favorite girl in the whole Universe “Pournima”, just knowing that you are there for me somewhere in the world is enough for me to face my worst fear!!! Thank you so much for being part of my life for last 26 years (Girl, we are getting old)!!! People come and people go, but it’s hard to get rid of you even if I try and you know for sure it’s other way around too… 😛

I said earlier that b’day comes every year, just the difference is the people we celebrate with. This actually indicates that the life goes on, but still there are some common people who will always be there with you no matter wherever you go. They are stupid enough to follow you no matter how far or close you are (Pournima, Vivek, Sumit, Vishal love you guys).

I could write about you guys forever and still there would not be much words to express my feelings… (In short, I missed you so much…)

I want to keep it short and simple (Cut me some slacks it’s already 4 AM)!!!

In the end I just want to say, if you are reading this I hope you’ll have a great, wonderful and rocking life!!!

Thank you so much for making me feel special!!!

-Aditya (Straight from the heart)