मीच माझा उरलो ना माझ्यात, प्रसंगें अवघी बदल स्वताहात, क्षणभर दुसऱ्या हसवाया, मी विकले माझ्या तत्वास, दुसरा गेला दुसऱ्या मार्गी, गोड नाते विसरून क्षणांत, मग नजर पडली त्या आरश्यात, मी ना ओळखले प्रतिबिंबास, वळण चुकले त्या वाटेवर, जेथे सोडून आलो मी स्वतहास, मीच माझा उरलो ना माझ्यात, मीच माझा उरलो ना माझ्यात. – आदित्य

Proposal 2.0

It was raining outside, I came home, soaking wet, pulled out my key and unlocked the door, I didn’t care that I was wet, I went inside and sat on the sofa. I was looking into nothing, thinking about what happened, what could have happened and what didn’t happen. It’s been more than six months

The GOD has changed!!!

Something strange happened to me yesterday, I was sitting at home and thinking about by life, some general stuff that everybody thinks, you know, like, what’s wrong with it. Even if you have everything that you need, you want something more out of it. It’s really frustrating. Why GOD has created us this way. Is