I still believe that India is a great country….

“If she would have just allowed herself to be raped, she wouldn’t have been killed”, this is the very statement which shocked India. Today I feel ashamed that I come from a society where people still have such a filthy mentality. I still want to believe that India is a great country, I really do, but after hearing an interview of rapist, I must say there are people like these who are making us hard to believe that. As long as there are people in society who has this cheap mentality and there are people who are conducting these interviews and putting them on air just to promote a documentary, we can not demand a change.

It is said in our culture that we respect woman a lot. We care, love and help them in all the way possible. How can a culture like this have people who want to justify the act of Rape? It is said that no matter in what condition the rape happens, it is always, all the time, 100% rapist fault and never a victim’s fault.

They can dress provocatively, they can entice others, they can do whatever they want to do, but as long as they are not ready for sex, you can not force them, it’s as simple as that. There is no way you can justify rape. You can not ask girls to wear in a particular way, just to avoid rape. Rape does not happen because of the way she is dressed, it happens because of the cheap and dirty mentality of the rapist. The girl wearing a short skirt has the same chances of being raped against the girl wearing Saree when she is in presence of a person with the cheap mentality. The sad part is some of our politicians justify rape, blaming the girl, who has dressed provocatively. I still wanna believe that India is a great country.

We live in a society where rape victim’s family suffers more than rapist. We live in a society where rape victim can not speak freely because she is not sure whether society will support her. We live in a society where government tries to control the protest against rape. Shame on all of us. In spite of all, I still wanna believe that India is a great country.

Why am I saying again and again that I still wanna believe India is a great country? Because some Sane people want a change in the society, they are willing to do everything to bring that change. They want society to think broadly. they want society to support the voice of a rape victim. They are not the politicians, they are not any social activist, they are not a public figure, they are people like you and me, who don’t have any ulterior motive than “Changing the mentality of the society.”

It sickens me every time, when I hear lawyers defending the rapist, they are not defending one person, they are defending their mentality. I can not understand the reason behind it. What exactly is there that they wanna defend? They want publicity, even if it’s a bad publicity, is that all? Why would anyone go to such a great length to get an attention? These are all rhetorical questions, there is no answer which can satisfy me. How a person who studies law can say “If you keep a Diamond on the street, people will steal it.” or “In India, boys and girls can not be friends” How can any educated sane person make those comments? (I am not sure whether we should call them educated people.)  How can we trust these people to defend our law?

I am angry, I am disappointed but most of all I am motivated to change the society. This is my small step towards it. I hope everybody will do everything in their power to change this filthy mentality.

I still want to believe, India is a Great country and I am willing to do everything in my power to keep that belief alive.


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