Making a new home away from home

Wow!!! Procrastination is a BITCH!!!! It stops you from doing things that you love to do. I have been trying to write my new blog from last 1-2 weeks, but couldn’t even start because of the laziness. Anyways “Der aaye durust aaye.”

As a small child I was always furious about the world out side my city, never thought that I would be out side my country for real. I was only 15 when I left home, don’t worry I didn’t run. I moved to Latur to pursue my 11-12th education. After getting 87% in 10th (I know it is not much, but for me it is like my only achievement.) my parents thought it is a logical thing to do (Boy, were they wrong… :P). Don’t worry I am not gonna bore you with the way I miserably screwed up my 11th n 12th std. During my Latur time, I was very young, looking back I realize, I was a messed up kid. I had no idea about how to behave in public? I was so scared, but there was a special person who made it look easy for me to survive Latur (Yes! You know I am talking about you only).

As expected I messed up my grades, but luckily I managed to get good grades in CET, and thus began the new era of engineering in Pune. I still distinctly remember the first day of my college. I was desperately looking for a friendly face and what a relief I found one friend who I met in Latur (Only once). Who knew, he would become one of my best friend in the future.

Ah Pune, I have so many memories of Pune. I had the best roommates (to some extent… :P), like any other normal roommates we had our ups n downs, but the main thing was we never let anyone feel alone. We were always there for each other (There was no other option, nobody had a girlfriend).

Growing up, away from family, has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, advantage is that you manage to solve each and every problem all by yourselves, you don’t need anybody to take care of you or look after you. You learn to read people (sometimes way to nicely). Talking about disadvantages, I guess I don’t really need to point out those.

All these years living away from family, living in different cities, and now in country, I managed to find one thing common. I found out that friends are your family away from the actual family. The best thing about this family is, you chose them. Even if you screw up, you are the whole and sole person responsible, you can not pin that on God. I have great friends, you know when I said, you learn to look after yourselves, now I realize that it’s not completely true. Whenever I was not feeling well, my friends took care of me. Whenever I was going through some difficult time, specially the things that you can not share with your real family, I always turned to my friends to provide me that comfort.

I know what you all are wondering, everybody have bunch of friends like that, so what is so special about living away from home, I guess the special part is I get to spent 24 hours with them and that makes all the difference.

All the people out there, who are away from home, I know you could relate to this, I could write all the little details of why I am saying all this, but somethings are good to leave for readers to relate to.

This post is one of the special post for me as I am living away from home from the past 11 years,(Wow! I almost could not believe this) and as much as I enjoyed living with family, I enjoy living with my other family too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who were with me throughout this journey.

Thank You,


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