Proposal 2.0

It was raining outside, I came home, soaking wet, pulled out my key and unlocked the door, I didn’t care that I was wet, I went inside and sat on the sofa. I was looking into nothing, thinking about what happened, what could have happened and what didn’t happen.

It’s been more than six months since I asked the question, since then it was a roller coaster ride, initially it was a “No”, then it was “Friend Zone” and then it was “May be”. I knew, to go from “No” to “Yes” you have to go through “May be”. You know when people say there are some things that can not be explained, they actually want you to experience them, this was one of that thing.

She asked me to meet her, sounded important, from last two weeks she was acting different, she was keeping some distance. I was skeptical about what she wanted to talk. What if it’s something bad? Am I ready to hear something which could be devastating? What’s next? Thousand questions were going through my mind.

“Where? Is everything okay?”, I texted her

“Meet me where it all started”, she always were dramatic.

No, not that place, that’s my favorite coffee shop in the town, don’t ruin that for me, I thought to myself. I knew it had to be a bad thing, that explains her behavior for the last two weeks and also why she dodged my second question.

“Okay. I’ll be there till 6. I have movie plans with friends”, I replied.

“6 is too late, skip the movie, this can not wait. I’ll be there at 4” She said.

Whoa!!! What just happened? She wants me to cancel all my plans, must be damn important, and not “good” important.  My heart was beating so fast and hard that I could actually hear it, not feel it, hear it, think about it.

“Okay, now you are scaring me, please tell me what is it about?” I replied.

Half an hour passed there was no reply, the suspense was killing me, at this point I was sure that I am gonna get an an answer today. No or Yes, Nay or Yay, 0 or 1 (Come on guys after all I am a computer engineer). I had no other choice than meet her at 4, thus began the longest 2 hours wait of my life.

I reached there, it was 3:30 (Yes, I was that curious). I looked around there was no empty table. For the first time, I was early and this is how I got rewarded for that. I finally got a table. It was 3:50 in the clock. This is it, final 10 minutes. All kinds of thoughts were messing with my head. I took out my mobile for the distraction. A whatsapp message, now who could that be? Is it from her?

“You stupid son of  a bi***, if you were not gonna come then at least have a courtesy to message.” It wasn’t her, it was from a friend (Don’t worry, we are good… :P).

I sighed and looked up. There she was entering the cafe, that was the moment when “Kaise bataye Kyu tujhako chahe” made lot more sense than ever before.

“It’s raining outside.” I said.

“I know. That’s why I have an umbrella”, she replied.

First ball of the over and I was cleaned bowled, I never felt so stupid in my life.

“So guess what happened yest…”

“It would be best if I talk first”, She cut me off.

“Straight to the point huh”, I winked.

She didn’t say anything but she had that “What is wrong with this guy” look on her face. That was my cue to “Shut the hell up”.

“I can not do this anymore, I can not pretend anymore” She said and she paused.

What? What? What? What can’t you do, What can’t you pretend, say it woman, say it. For the love of god, lady Atal Bihari Vajpayee say it.

“It’s been six months since you said the L-word and from that point on everything changed between us. I always believed that best friends can not become more than friends.”

Get to the freaking point woman, I am dying here, I was screaming inside.

“But…” Yes there is a BUT, my eyes sparkled.

“But, I guess every belief is meant to be broken and every rule has an exception, Right?” She said.

“So, what exactly are you saying?” I was stunned and more curious or curiouser (If that’s a word).

“I am saying that my belief has changed and you changed it”, She thought I could decrypt this.

“Not following you…” I said.

“Stupid, moron, you are a Pig, do me a favor and just kill yourself “, She screamed

“So, that’s your way of saying YES” I asked hesitantly.

“YES, you stupid, most dumbest person in the world, YES”, She said.

“You mean….. You are in…. I mean we are…..” I was searching for words.

She was just sitting there, watching, smiling or laughing at me (I am not sure) and probably thinking to herself, “OH God!!! What have I gotten myself into?”

10 minutes later I was still searching for the words.