The GOD has changed!!!

Something strange happened to me yesterday, I was sitting at home and thinking about by life, some general stuff that everybody thinks, you know, like, what’s wrong with it. Even if you have everything that you need, you want something more out of it. It’s really frustrating. Why GOD has created us this way. Is this a good thing or a bad?

It might be a good thing, the constant desire to want something more is the only thing which motivates us to get something BIG. Again on the other hand it keeps us unsatisfied all the time, so you know, I was struggling to come to a conclusion. After sometime I figured it out. It came to me late but finally it came. And the answer was more satisfying for me, it was simple, it was beautiful and it was something I believe in “I don’t give a F**k”.

Finally I got some good night sleep. Strangest thing happened to me that night. GOD has decided to pay a little visit in my dream. This was new for me, as for my whole life I always dreamed about many things like, Big demon wanted to kill me, I am involved in an accident, Even meeting an alien and having cup of coffee with him (BTW I was interviewing him), I know what all of you are thinking, Yes! I dreamed about girls as well, but never about the GOD.

Meeting GOD in my dream was new but, conversing with him was way different than what I would have expected. The first thing GOD said to me was, “Hey buddy! How are ya?” He said that with such an ease like we were friends since the childhood. I did not even know this guy very well. Boy was that awkward. I then decided to give it a try.

“I am doing good, How are you?” I said.

“I am good too. I sensed that you were having trouble in your life. Care to explain?” He said.

That was surprising.

“Wow! After all this time, all of a sudden you decided to show up now. What’s your angle?” I was skeptical.

“I don’t have any angle. I was constantly watching your Facebook page and there was nothing about the problems you were having in life and this is the reason that I didn’t know you were having trouble or you needed me.” He explained.

“What?????” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! You were so quiet out there and you didn’t update your Whatsapp status in days, as well as you didn’t post anything on twitter so, in my defense how in God’s sweet heaven should I know that you were having trouble” He said.

“Did you just mention yourself in the third person? Wow that was so typical of you. Always wanting attention.” I said in anger, “How come you don’t answer people’s prayer in one go? How come they have to ask for the same thing again and again and again?” I continued.

“You ask some hard questions, but you know this comes with the job. What will you do when people are afraid of you and they’ll give you all the attention in the world in ordered to get what they want? I suppose you’ll do the same thing I do.” He said.

“You make a good argument, but there is a reason you can not compare yourself to me as I am just a Human and you are the GOD”

“Yeah I know! It’s pretty exciting to be the GOD, don’t you think?. You get to do lot of cool stuff and there is nobody to question you. It’s damn exciting.” He said, “But on a serious note, answering your question, I don’t ignore your prayers. I just give you a fair amount of time to solve your own problems because, I believe in you to do so.” He continued.

“I am sorry GOD, but I am not completely satisfied with your answer. It seems like you are giving excuses to avoid your own work.” I said.

“Oh my GOD. Did you just say that to me? When did you become so arrogant?” GOD exclaimed.

“Oh GOD, again mentioned yourself in the third person. What’s wrong with you. It is so annoying when people do that and it’s equally annoying when GOD does the same.” I screamed.

“Really? I always thought it was cool. Anyway, it seems like I am giving excuses but, you’ll understand it someday. There are somethings that you cannot solve without my help and there are somethings that you, yourself are capable of solving. I have to prioritize accordingly.” He explained.

“That makes sense. I can live with that, because there is no point in helping us with things that we can solve by ourselves. Now I have a different question?” I said

“Don’t you ever stop with the questions?” He said.

“Hey! You created me, so now deal with me.” I said.

“That’s dirty, using me against me.” He said.

“So now one thing is clear that you do help us in your own little twisted way, how do we categories our problem in which we might need your help?”

“You don’t categories your problems. You just have problems and I’ll categories them. Does this make sense?”

“None whatsoever!” I said “Why do you work in such a mysterious way?”

“I don’t know. That’s how I roll I guess.” he said.

“No No never say that.”

“Ha Ha!!! Son, I am just trying to speak your language. Next time when we speak I hope I’ll be better at it.” he said.

I woke up. I felt like I had a hangover with all that talk. He was difficult to understand, but he was correct. When you need, He knows. When you ask, he listens. When you believe, he answers.

In the end I was sure, Life may be tough, but I have got a GOD that’s tougher.

In GOD we trust (Even if he sucks at slang… :P)


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